Ross-Bain Green Building is a knowledge-based resource for high performance green building design, construction and operation. Our highly experienced workplace is dedicated to helping project teams and owners achieve energy efficient, high performance buildings including net-zero energy buildings, LEED Certification, and sustainable facility management procedures. We have an array of knowledge, resources and tools available to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.

A Knowledge Workplace
Meeting your Goals

Our range of services include comprehensive green building consulting, LEED process management, energy simulation, energy assessments, training, and sustainable facility management. From all of these sectors we strategically create a custom blueprint to meet your needs and optimize the performance and value of your building.

Our vision is to see a world of energy efficient green buildings, a knowledgeable community, and operations and maintenance practices that sustain high performance values. All of our work is dedicated to meeting these goals.

Call us. Let’s get started on a sustainable future!


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    A society grows great when old men plant trees for shade they will never sit in.
    - Greek Proverb